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"Terminating a pregnancy can be scary, and was the hardest choice I've ever made. I chose Beth Murch as my full-spectrum doula, and that choice was easy.

There are not enough words to express my deep gratitude for her presence at this time in my life. Her gentleness, her unwavering support of all my decisions, and her amazing listening ears were such comforts in a very difficult time.

She was alongside me for the whole three day process, and her attention and care were unbelievable.

Her calm way of talking me through the process, letting me know what I could expect, was so comforting. She initiated self-care routines, encouraging me to support my body through the experience.

Not only was she was there to answer my questions and comfort me when I was feeling afraid and doubtful, but she also supported my partner, who accompanied us on this journey. In his moments of fear, wondering what to expect next, she was ther

As a full-spectrum doula, she deserves the highest recommendations. Her skill and understanding, her strong supportive presence, and her kind heart shine brightly.

I am so grateful I chose Beth to support me through this experience. Thank you so much Beth. I love you." -Esther C., 2016

Plan C

"Plan C" is what you need when Plan A and Plan B don't work out! Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about any of the following:

- fertility

- birth control

- menstrual regulation/extraction

- menstrual education & support

- unbiased peer support around pregnancy options

- abortion

Please e-mail [email protected] or call 519-998-3204. 

Medical Appointment Accompaniments

Be honest: when was the last time you had a pap smear? A mammogram? A dental cleaning? Nobody likes going to the doctor, but for some of us, the prospect of being examined or experiencing medical procedures is downright traumatic. Perhaps you have had negative experiences in the past or maybe you are just plain freaked out by people in white coats. We have all been there - myself included! Paper gowns make my butt look big and the only time I like laying on my back with my feet up in the air is in yoga class (or after a few glasses of wine...wait...did I just say that?!). Many people don't realize that in most cases, you are entitled to have a support person accompany you to your medical appointments. Sometimes trips to the doctor are less intimidating when you have a friendly, considerate person to keep you company, to advocate for you, and to encourage you along the way. For some folks, that means a hand to hold when things get scary. For others, it's just knowing that there is someone hanging out in the waiting room sending you loving vibes and to give you a hug when you are all done. As a doula and as a friend, I have been that big, squishy body to hold onto when things got to be a bit too much to handle. It's a role I feel comfortable with because I know what it is like to feel alone, to feel afraid, and to need a non-judgmental soul to hold space for me. I am happy to serve as that comforting, knowledgeable person for you. Previous Examples of Appointment Accompaniments: - pap smears and other gynecological procedures (for cisgendered and trans clients) - mammograms (for cisgendered and trans clients) - ultrasounds - x-rays - amniocentesis - abortions - dentist appointments - ... and more! Fees: The cost of each accompaniment is determined by the length of the appointment and the distance that I will have to travel to be with you. Please e-mail [email protected] or call 519-998-3204 for more information.