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Mama B loves you!

Mama B's Potions & Notions​

Sometimes, you just need the special nurturing that only a mother can provide...let Mama B soothe and pamper you with the loving care you deserve as a blessed child of the Universe. Whether you need to harness the healing properties of roots and herbs to tame a disruption in your body's harmony, nutritional support, or just some fancy bath and body care products, I can provide you with artisanal treats that are organic and locally sourced wherever possible. Each item is lovingly handcrafted in small batches to ensure the maximum saturation of positive intention and the highest quality results. New products are always being created, so check this page frequently! Personalized gift baskets and individual commissions available!

To order some of Mama B's Potions & Notions, simply send me an e-mail at [email protected] or give me a call at 519-998-3204 and let me know what you are interested in.

 ~The Boutique~

 Dandelion Salve: Extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil have been infused with sunshine-filled dandelions to create a soothing liniment for sore muscles, achy/arthritic joints, and rough, chapped skin. This luscious salve has a subtle herbal scent that dissipates quickly. $8.00

Dandelion Tincture: Got an upset tummy? Do you suffer from trumpeting toots and bellowing burps? Dandelion supports the digestion of fats and ends embarrassing expressions (explusions) of gas! Need to lower your cholesterol? Dandelion is your friend! In fact, dandelion tincture can help to build and purify your blood, cleanse your liver, flush out your urinary tract, boost your energy and endurance levels, increase the activity of your spleen and pancreas, balance estrogen levels, support the female reproductive system, and clear up skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. $8

Dandelion Honey: Sweet, floral, and tasty! This local, organic, raw honey has been infused with dandelion blossoms to add the essence of spring to your morning toast and tea. Show it off at your next fancypants wine and cheese party! $8

Sage Honey: Earthy, evocative, and medicinal. This local, organic, raw honey has been infused with sage (salvia) to become your "saviour" (the Latin word "salvere", from which both "saviour" and "salvia" are derived from means to feel well, to make healthy, and to heal). Sage is very rich in antioxidants, and has high levels of calcium and other bone-building materials. Traditionally, sage honey is said to treat head colds, respiratory infections, asthma, lung damage, sore throats, irritated sinuses, indigestion, insomnia, anxiety, depression, peridontal disease, excessive perspiration, and an overabundance of breastmilk. Some believe sage honey can speed up the immune system's response to the flu, making you feel better, faster...regardless, it is an interesting addition to herbal infusions and a tasty condiment for food. $8

Green Witch Oil: Is Mama B a good witch or a bad witch? Well, that?s for you to decide, but she?s pretty sure that you won?t argue with her Green Witch Oil. It contains the transformative healing powers of many helpful plants: calendula, rosemary, chamomile, plantain, St. Joan?s Wort, Arnica?and some lovely oils to battle microbes and fix you up. Perfect for burns, rashes, psoriasis, scrapes, bruises, scabs, dandruff, cradle cap, chub rub, sunburns, rug burns, chapped skin, dry skin? pretty much everything but a broken heart. $8

Green Witch Oil Salve: all the goodness of that noble Green Witch placed into a salve that you can rub where needed. $10

Calendula Salve: Calendula is one of Mother Nature's most precious gifts. Mama B gently infuses this generous plant into tender, golden salve that will soothe cuts, scrapes, bumps, bruises, dandruff, cradle cap, diaper rash, chaffing, and dry skin. $10

Body Butter: You think you know body butter, but unless you have had Mama B's decadent, handcrafted butter melting on your skin like a dream come true, you don't know body butter at all! Check out this rave review from the PARTNER of one of Mama B's body butter consumers: "Oh Beth. Your Mama B lotions. Grr. The vanilla body butter you gifted is amazing. I didn't think there was anything in the world that could make touching her any more enjoyable than it is. Then she busted out the butter. So nice." Selections: vanilla, lavender, citrus, jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood $15

- OR - The Queen B: The Queen B is Mama B's personal body butter, made of the finest, most lavish ingredients that would shame Cleopatra herself. This beauty costs a little more because she contains *so much more*you will not be unsatisfied. The Queen B contains a blend of rich oils and is delicately scented with cardamom and rose. $25

Glitterbug: Whether you are hitting the town or were simply a fairy in a previous life, Glitterbug promises you all the softness and moisturizing of a body butter with a whisper of sparkles to glitz up your birthday suit. Selections: vanilla, lavender, citrus, jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood $16

Bath Salts: Are you looking for a bath product that will make you feel like royalty? Here it is! Mama B's bath are filled with Dead Sea salt, Epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt, sweet-smelling herbs, and precious oils to make your tub a luxurious refuge. Popular Scents: lumberjack, lavender, chamomile, lime, lemon, vanilla, sandalwood, and patchouli

Marine Salt Scrub: Mama B isn't saying that this is a knock-off of a popular store's salt scrub (Mush? Crush? Hush?) but, you know? $18

Sugar Scrubs: If it is snowing inside your clothes, it means your skin is flaking off (you know, probably). Scrape that stuff off and enjoy touchable flesh that will remind you that beach weather is just around the corner. Blends: vanilla/brown sugar, vanilla/ pumpkin, vanilla, mocha-choca-latte, mocha-choca-lavender-latte, lime mojito, cinnamon kiss $15

Facial Scrubs: Slough off rough skin, polish those pretty pores, and enjoy your new dewy complexion! Mama B knows that most facial scrubs sold in stores are full of weirdo ingredients that are too harsh for most faces ? let her show you how to gently exfoliate. Selections: Rhassoul clay/tea tree (for oily skin), oatmeal/honey (for sensitive skin), chamomile/sugar (for normal skin) $15

Lip Scrubs: Kiss winter lip flakes goodbye! This edible, tasty scrub is guaranteed to make your smooches softer, more flavourful, and completely addictive. Also perfect for masking bad breath from coffee, cigarettes, garlic, and other mouth mucker-uppers. Selections: peppermint, cinnamon, chocolate, lemon, orange, honey, vanilla. $8

Shaving Cream: For those who prefer a close shave that leaves skin feeling butter-soft. Great for faces, armpits, legs, and naughty bits! Scents: rosemary/mint, lavender/sweet orange, fragrance-free $12

Beard Oil: One of Mama B?s most popular products! This woodsy-scented oil is perfect for conditioning scratchy beards to ensure painless smooching and nuzzling. Works for all manner of body hair, if you know what I mean (and I think that you do). Whether you use this beard oil as a fragrance, aftershave, or moisturizer, you will be reducing redness, combating dandruff, and promoting shiny hair. $12.00

Beard Balm: Back off, Hipsters! Mama B was doing this before it was cool! This earthy-scented balm softens bristles and nourishes thirsty skin without leaving it feeling greasy. Perfect for chin whiskers, stubble, mustaches, and any other hair that needs a little love. Throw it in your gym bag and you'll not only smell spiffy, you'll be able to take care of dry skin as well. $12.00

Milk Bath: Legend has it that Cleopatra required 700 lactating asses to supply the milk for her daily bathing routine. Mama B loves extravagance, but that seems complicated even for her. How about a shelf-stable milk bath that comes without the fuss of donkey-keeping?* Selections: fragrance-free, vanilla, honey, honey/oatmeal, lavender, calendula, geranium, jasmine $12 * please note that Mama B makes her milk bath with milk from cows and not from donkeys?it?s just easier.

Keppe Kreme: "Keppe" is Yiddish for "head" - and Mama B was using hers when she came up with this lifesaver of a product*! Bust through tension and sinus headaches with this kream. Simply smoothe on your pounding temples and stiff neck and feel your headache melt away. Coincidentally, this product is also fabulous as a wrinkle reducer and is perfect for flaky, dry skin. $10.00 *please note that this product may not actually save your life. Don't go skydiving without a parachute or slow dancing with grizzly bears, okay?

Yeastie-Beastie Soap: Itching, burning, redness...oh, the joys of Candidiasis! This soap has been designed to kick the yeast infection in your nooks and crannies right in the nooks and crannies! Rub Yeastie-Beastie Soap under your breasts, in your belly button, into your armpits, butt crack, leg seams, yoni - wherever you need some relief. This product is also lovely for jock itch and athlete's foot. Use after lovemaking or exercising to smell great and reduce the chance of unwanted itchies. $8.00

Yeastie-Beastie Ointment: By popular demand! Sometimes, you really have to stop the itching and burning and you aren't able to use your Yeastie-Beastie soap! $10

Gardener's Scrub: Whether you've been digging in the dirt, chopping some onions, or massaging a trout, this gentle rosemary/lemon scrub will leave your hands (or feet) feeling soft, clean, and smelling fresh. $8

Snizz Sitz: Childbirth can leave your ladybits feeling a bit road-rashed. Sitz your snizz in this and breathe a sigh of relief. Also lovely for healing anal fissures, hemorrhoids, anal itching and "angry snatch" (as Tori Amos calls it). $10

Nursing Balm: This unscented and lanolin-free balm soothes and protects chapped nipples and cracked skin. Also lovely for elbows, heels, noses that have been rubbed raw during the cold season. Non-toxic for hungry babies. $10

Rub Me Tender: It's a massage oil, it's a moisturizer, and it also just so happens to combat cradle cap, dandruff, diaper rash, chub rub, eczema, and sore muscles. Please note that there two different blends: one for babies and children and one for adults (the adult blend is warming). $10

La Leche Materna: A blend of delicious herbs that may support lactation in breastfeeding individuals. $10

Keester Kreme: A soothing ointment for baby's bums! A dreamy paste that is tough on diaper rashes but easy on cloth diapers (it works with disposable diapers, too!).

Gel Air Fresheners: Make your home smell delicious! Selections: Cinnamon/clove, pine/cedar, Nag Champa $7 (3 for $18 Mama B's math is the best, right?)

Mama B's Cold 'N' Flu Goo: Ever had one of those bugs that left you feeling like you swallowed a bunch of razor blades? Your throat is raw, you've got a dry, hacking cough, and you can barely swallow your own's time for some goo! Local honey is infused with lemon, ginger, reishi mushrooms and organic elderberries, creating a delicious syrup that is brimming with vitamin C to coat your throat and calm your cough. Your kids will like this too! Sneak a spoon into the jar to add some yum to your tea or to give yourself a quick burst of energy while on the go. $8

Bath Melts: Whether you have the winter itchies or you just want to make your skin feel extra happy, these little nuggets will leave you soft, smelling sweet, and feeling spoiled. Selections: vanilla, lavender, citrus, cinnamon, peppermint, honey $7 (3 for $18 Mama B's math is the best, right?)

Lip Balm: Be a hit under the mistletoe (or at spin the bottle) with these lip smackin' lip balms. Made without creepy chemicals that dry out your lips or turn you into a comic book character. Selections: mandarin/nutmeg, chocolate, mint, chocolate/mint, vanilla, honey $5

Massage Bars: These creamy bars melt on your skin the moment they touch, soothing itchies and fading scars. Perfect for after-bath moisturizing, pre-date skin-softening, and late-night sexy massages. Leaves skin feeling nourished and touchable. Selections: honeyed lime, vanilla citrus, honey, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, chai latte, dj jazzy jasmine, bergamot $10

Your $hit Don't Stink Spray: What the Deuce?! This spritz is number one at hiding the embarrassing odours of number two. $12

Deodorant: Leaves pitties free of pong! Selections: tea tree/cedarwood, lavender/orange, birchsweet/lime, patchouli/sandalwood $12

Body Dust (with or without glitter): Chub rub? Feeling a little sticky? Need to soften your skin in a flash? Dust on the love! TALC FREE! Selections: Honey (tastes sweet, just sayin?!), lavender, ylang-ylang, geranium, tea tree, vanilla, jasmine $12

Plantar Faciitis Rub: Mama B suffers from serious plantar faciitis. She knows your pain. Suffer less with this warm, anti-inflammatory rub. $8

Stinky Feet Cream: Are your trotters a little stinky? Does hanging out in wool socks bring out the worst in your foot odour? Rub some of this refreshing cream into your feet to cool down and freshen up. $8

Stinky Foot Mask: That's right: it's a mask...for your feet, not your face! If your heels are as cracked as Mama B's sense of humour, if your socks are more stank than stitching, if your lover can hear the skin of your feet rasping against the bedsheets...this is the product for you. Put it on, let the rich clay and soothing oils do their thing, and rinse off to enjoy silken feet that no longer offend. $10

Soap: You may think that you don?t need it, but trust me, your colleagues disagree. Why not make this necessary evil a pleasurable part of your day? Selections: fragrance-free, patchouli, lavender, chamomile, calendula, citrus, sandalwood, pine, cedar, sage...the possibilities are endless! $8

Also available: all manner of herbal infusions, compresses, teas, vinegars, and tinctures. If you have a particular issue that needs addressing, let Mama B know.

Something catch your eye? Have questions? Contact me at [email protected] or 519-998-3204.

The Fine Print:

Your Mama B is not a doctor. She cannot diagnose, prescribe, cure, or make extravagant claims that she understands medicine because she plays a physician on television.Your Mama B does not, nor has she ever, played a physician on television

  • All Potions & Notions ingredients are propitiatory. If you have concerns about allergies and sensitivities, please contact Mama B for more information
  • Would you prefer a different fragrance? What about an unfragranced version? Let Mama B know and she'll do what she can
  • Mama B is committed to environmental stewardship - all products are sold in sanitized, recycled, and reusable containers. These containers may be different from the ones pictured above, but are guaranteed to be at least as pretty
  • Mama B is not a photographer(gasp!). She's just some lady with a point and click camera. If you are a photographer and you'd like to join forces with Mama B to form an alliance of power, let her know!