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Welcome to the Kaffeeklatsch!

"Kaffeeklatsch" is a German phrase that means "coffee chat". It was originally used to describe the kind of casual conversation, small talk, and gossip that busy housewives used to have when they got together for a break in the afternoon and shared a cup of coffee. This area is meant to recapture that experience - providing space for men and women to take a moment out of their day, to sit down with a cup of tea or coffee, and to share their pregnancy, childbirth and parenting - related stories and artwork. Feel free to post your birth stories, ultrasound pictures, poetry, prose, cute nursing snapshots, your childbearing - themed sketches and paintings...and allow those of us who've snatched a few moments out of our day while the kids were napping or the baby was nursing, or the boss wasn't peeking, to enjoy your creativity and to learn more about ourselves.

To submit your work, please e-mail [email protected] Please include your name, contact information, and a one-two sentence biography of yourself. Please note that contributions containing material that is sexually explicit and otherwise offensive will not be accepted and that the works contained within this site are the intellectual property of their respective authors.

Nursing Macro by Yael Hanover

Introducing: Hannah Alisse Lougheed!

With Erin (Transitions Doula Services), Gaby (Holistic Complementary Center) and Denise (Family First Doula Services) at the 2007 Focus on Family Show at Waterloo Memorial Complex (photo courtesy of SNAP Kitchener-Waterloo)

Introducing Athena Margaret Lauren Bishop!

Introducing Sophia Grace Witzke!

Introducing Skylar Kadance Wielhouser!

Birth Art

Here is some birth art that I did! 

copyright © 2008. All rights reserved.

The Midwife

Another painting by me.

Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved.

Miriam Maslin

In May, I had the privilege of attending a workshop on Perinatal Loss taught by famous Israeli doula and polarity therapist Miriam Maslin (sponsored by Gaby von Pagenhardt of Holistic Complementary Center of Kitchener and Ontario Perinatal School). I confess that the workshop was not only amazing because it challenged and educated me, but also because Miriam's work has been a big inspiration to me. Fortunately for me, Miriam has a great sense of humour and allowed me my moment of hero worship! To learn more about Miriam and about experiencing her amazing workshops, visit

Gaby von Pagenhardt of Holistic Complementary Center (left) and Miriam Maslin, doula and polarity therapist (right)

Miriam Maslin (left) and I (right)

I'm crying because Miriam has just given me a very moving blessing that touched my heart.

Photography courtesy of Gaby von Pagenhardt, Holistic Complementary Center.

Happy Birthday, Hannah Alisse!

"My" first baby turns a year old! 

Introducing Ali Abbas!

Look at all that hair!

Introducing Celeste!

Introducing....Roselyn Clare!

Introducing Annabelle Jean!

Introducing Arielle Elizabeth!

Introducing...Baby Eli'Jah!

Introducing...Baby Mia!

Introducing...Baby Starryn!

Introducing...Ella Mary!

Introducing...Brogan Hickory Stewart Hatch!

Introducing...Alistair Sabastien!

Introducing...Henry Daniel!

Introducing...Brielle Emilienne!

This little one was in a hurry - I ended up "catching" her before the midwives arrived!

Placenta Prints!

Introducing....Baby Ethan!

Introducing...Baby Florence!